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Sergio Salvi was born in 1951 and is from San Piero in Bagno (FC). He worked for Fondedile from 1973 to 1979. He moved to Monterotondo and started his own business in 1980. At that time Sergio was the only employee of his own company CRM Srl. During the 80’s Sergio travelled all over Italy to help drilling companies to solve the most challenging problems (drilling rigs failures, design and manufacturing of new drilling tools). In 1986 he gave his support to Prespali in a job site for tunneling where double fluid jet grouting treatment and rotopercussive drilling were required . The idea of using an high pressure rubber hose instead of an inner steel pipe inside the rods for double fluid jet grouting stemmed from that experience . (CRM Srl jet grouting rods with the inner high pressure rubber hose are now sold all over the world and became a characteristic note of CRM Srl jet grouting product.). Sergio’s ability to find cleaver solutions get quite renowned and job sites kept calling him. Sergio needed someone to give him some proper support and in 1994 found the perfect match Luca Gastaldi. He industrialized the vast majority of CRM Srl product and took the company to the main exhibit events. In 2000 Marcello Sidoni (an aeronautical engineer from Arrow Spa) joined CRM Srl. Together with Luca he made CRM reach very high design and quality standards. Crm Srl is now a 40 people company whose drilling products are sold in the 5 continents.

Our team

Sergio Salvi


Valerio Salvi

R&D Manager

Luca Gastaldi

Productions and Sales manager

22.09.51 Bagno di Romagna

He established CRM in 80.
Design and production supervisor
Small, medium, great diameter drilling advisor. Jet grouting advisor tel. tel. 0690085519 / 0690080115-6

02.09.80 Roma

Phd in Philosophy (Reading University) 2009
He works for CRM since 2008
Research, strategical decisions, comunication and company development, jet grouting advisor. tel. 0690085519 / 06 90080115-6

07.12.68 Roma

He works for CRM since 1991
Production and sales manager
Small – Medium diameter drilling advisor.
Jet grouting advisor tel. 0690085519 / 06 90080115-6

Marcello Sidoni

Technical manager

07.07.62 Roma

He works for CRM since 2000
Technical Manager
Design and technical development . Welding instructor. CRM technology illustration and communication. tel. 0690085519 / 06 90080115-6

Alberto De Luca

Technical designer

02.07.72 Roma

He works for CRM since 2011
Technical designer.
Design and technical development assistant

Marco Giglio

Store keeper

01.03.68 Roma

He works for CRM since 1998
Store keeper
Storage and logistics tel. 0690085519 / 06 90080115-6

Nicoletta Salvi

HR Coordinator

28.04.89 Roma

Bachelor in Business Administration and Economics at La Sapienza University of Rome, 2015. At CRM since 2016.
HR Coordinator.
Finance Project Coordinator. Export and International logistics assistant. tel. 0690085519 / 06 90080115-6

Alessandra Iannella

Administration Officer manager

18.01.68 Roma

She works for CRM since 1990.
Administration office manager.
Banking and payment management. tel. 0690085519 / 06 90080115-6

Sara Bornivelli

Purchase Office

11.06.79 Roma

She works for CRM since 2005
Purchase office
Purchasing and logistcs assistant tel. 0690085519 / 06 90080115-6