CRM – Engineering

CRM provides assistance in the designing and manufacturing of projects and ideas mainly related to soil drilling The designing, manufacturing and reconditioning of drilling equipment is ISO 9001/UNI EN 9001:2008 certified. Our design, machining and metal carpentry capabilities allow us to provide assistance with projects not necessarily related to soil drilling. The range of works (turning, milling, slotting, folding, cutting and welding) and metals (steel, inox, quenched and tempered steel, bronal, alloy, ergal, bronze, pastics) we master is extremely wide

Design services

– Design
– Design 3D and Rendering
– Cad-Cam
– Calcolo strutturale
– Finite element Method
– Controllo qualità

Fresatura – IBARMIA ZVH42
Fresatura – ECOMILL 50
Fresatura – LAGUN MV12
Fresatura – DMU 50 M
Stozzatura – CABE ST 450
Tornitura – BETA 800
Tornitura – CLX 550
Tornitura – HIT 30
Tornitura – CMZ TB-76M
Tornitura – GHT5
Taglio – AMADA 400W – PCSAW 330
Carpenteria dei metalli – Piegatrice
Taglio plasma – HPR130
Cesoia – BAYKAL MGH 3100
Saldatura – WPQR